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Helping handsDomestic Violence Program

Domestic Violence Services provided by Columbia Greene Domestic Violence range from emergency shelter and crisis intervention to aftercare services and transitional housing. All services are free and confidential, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are also eager to speak with volunteers about training opportunities.

We can assist you with:

Crisis Intervention – Provide support and information for the victim of domestic violence.

Safety Planning – Devise a safety plan with the victim to stay safe which can help reduce the risk of future harm.

Shelter – The Domestic Violence Program can arrange emergency shelter which provides a safe place, food and supportive services for victims of domestic violence and their children.

Legal Services – Our staff can discuss legal options with you and assist you in obtaining Orders of Protection from the family or criminal courts. We can assist you with filing claims to the Crime Victims Board.

Social Services – You may be eligible for emergency funds from the Department of Social Services. Our staff will advocate on your behalf with the local department.

Supportive Services/Counseling Our program provides supportive services and counseling for victims of domestic violence and their children.

Educational Outreach – The Community Educator of the Columbia Greene Domestic Violence Program can provide in-service and informational trainings to school administrators, students, law enforcement, court personnel, civic groups, etc., on the dynamics of domestic violence, warning signs, healthy relationships, and available resources.

For more information on educational outreach, please call: 518.943.9205

Information and Referral – Program staff can provide information and refer you to local programs and providers in order to address any other specific needs (mental health, substance abuse counseling, etc.)

All Services are Free and Confidential Need help? Call now: 24-hour Hotline: 518.943.9211.

Crime Victims Program

Columbia Greene Crime Victims Program serves innocent victims of crime in both counties, providing resources, counseling, advocacy and referral for victims and their families. All services are free and confidential, and include:

Crisis Intervention – providing support and vital information to the victim and family.

Short Term Counseling – maintaining regular and frequent contact with the victim and any secondary victims, such as children, during all phases of the case.

Safety Planning – devising a safety plan and providing notification of offender release.

Criminal Court Procedure Information – explaining legal processes and acting as an advocate throughout the criminal justice process.

Compensation – filing claims with the NYS Office of Victim Services for compensation.

Referrals – works in conjunction with local agencies to provide long term supportive services.

Resources – acts as a liaison between the criminal justice system and other agencies on the victim’s behalf.

For more information about crime victims advocacy, please call: 518.943.9205.

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