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We empower people to help themselves.

We help people by giving them a helping hand with the many services and programs that we offer. Our mission is to help people achieve or maintain self-sufficiency. We are the anti-poverty agency, and provide assistance to those who struggle to meet basic needs on a daily basis. We also strive to assist our neighbors before they slip below the poverty threshold and qualify for mainstream services.

Levels of Giving:

Bronze – $50 Platinum – $500
Silver – $150 Titanium – $500+
Gold – $250 Other – Gift of your Choosing

Did you know…

  • $10 provides 5 meals for a family
  • $30 assures 60 minutes of individual or group support counseling
  • $55 helps assist one person to prepare and obtain an order of protection
  • $110 provides one-night of shelter to a victim of domestic violence
  • $1,300 pays for a security deposit and first month’s rent to move someone out of homelessness and into permanent housing.
  • $6,125 weatherizes a home

How are we funded?

A portion of our funding is provided through government grants –  local, state and federal. Unfortunately, in recent years this funding has become less reliable.  Also, you may not realize that funds often can only be allocated to specific services or only available under strict guidelines. We need additional private funding to make sure our services can help everyone that needs our help, especially to fill funding gaps when a grant doesn’t fully meet the needs of our community.

What do we mean by a funding gap?

Imagine, you are 59 years old. You were recently laid off (not fired). While you are looking for a new job, your water heater breaks. Unfortunately, you don’t have a ‘savings’ because you live “check to check” because your salary just covered your expenses. However, you did save enough to put money into an IRA for retirement – which is just a few years away.

You don’t have money for a new water heater, and your credit isn’t good enough to finance one. BUT you can’t get assistance because you “don’t qualify”. Why? You aren’t old enough (60) and you have money tucked away in an IRA.

Now, your choice is to dip into your IRA (which has really high fees so you lose half of what you put in) OR go without hot water. Hmm, that makes it difficult to shower for that next interview, doesn’t it?

You can help by donating today.

These are the realities many people who live next to us deal with every day. They are not looking for permanent help. What they need is a helping hand while they are getting back on their feet. Your donation will extend that helping hand when someone needs it most.

Thank you for all your support