Board of Directors

Meeting RoomAs Mandated by the Community Services Block Grant, our board of directors is a tripartite board, with equal representation from the Public, Private, and Low-Income sectors of our community. They are a governance board, charged with the responsibility of setting Agency policy, assuring contract compliance, and supervising the Executive Director. We welcome this opportunity to introduce you to our current Board. For information on becoming a board member, or serving on one of our sub-committees, please feel free to contact us.

  • Elizabeth Daly, President, Public Sector
  • Lori Torgersen, Vice President, Private Sector
  • Carrie Multari, Treasurer, Consumer Sector
  • Julie Wade, Secretary, Private Sector
  • Tracy Ricci, Public Sector (Representing NYS Assemblyman Christopher Tague)
  • Nancy Barton, Private Sector
  • Mary Ann Scalera, Consumer Sector
  • Tracy Jo Szepessy, Consumer  Sector
  • Vacant, Public Sector
  • Sheena Hassell, Consumer Sector
  • Hannah Calhoun, Private Sector
  • Robert Hart, Public Sector

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